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Over the years, Panarea has become one of the most famous tourist destinations on both national and international levels.

It is universally considered the most beautiful of the seven Aeolian Islands, primarily from a geological viewpoint: this is the most ancient of the Aeolian Islands and was inhabited during prehistoric times, as 14th century B.C. the village on the Milazzo Cape testifies.

So, it is an authentic natural gem that has enchanted artists, writers, designers and musicians since the Post World War 2 era.

You will find history, art and culture on Panarea. And during the summer you will also find an exciting and worldly social scene.

This small and fascinating island offers 3.5 square kilometres of beauty, charm as well as natural and cultural splendour. The lively and exuberant lifestyle on the island during the summer makes it everything you could ever wish for to make a holiday unforgettable: sophisticated social life and pure fun combined with moments of peace and relaxation.

The coastlines of the Island of Panarea are as marvellous as the sea surrounding it: the living testament of a tumultuous past of conquest and piracy that left their marks on the character and traditions of those living on the island.

The only sandy beach on the island can be reached by foot but the only way to discover the best that this island has to offer is to circumnavigate its rocky coasts and find its columns of solidified lava and small hidden bays.

The Bay of Cala Junco is one of the most important stops for those who want to discover the island in all of its dazzling beauty: a magnificent natural pool of clear water whose colours embrace all shades of green and turquoise.

The sea surrounding Panarea is studded with many islets: Spinazzola and Basiluzzo with their ancient Roman ruins, Lisca Bianca (with its Grotta degli Innamorati), Bottaro, Lisca Nera (or what is left of it after thousands of years of erosions and more recent coastal storms) and the pyramid-shaped Dattilo.

The water around these islets boils to this day – proof that the ancient volcano below is obviously still somewhat active.

Panarea is the ideal hideaway for those who love jet-setting, staying in luxury hotels, participating in special events and enjoying the nightlife at trendy clubs. It is also perfect for people who prefer to enjoy a totally relaxing vacation surrounded by nature and far away from the hectic life that comes with today’s lifestyle.

Nights in Panarea offer a spectacular natural exhibit: in the distance stands Stromboli which erupts and gushes every few minutes and the surrounding islets under the moonlit sky. Then there is the sophisticated nightlife. In the San Pietro district around the port – the sophisticated heart of the island – the narrow roads (no cars allowed!) are entirely without street lighting to retain their exotic character; yet they are teeming with life and a constant stream of light and music spills out.

You can reach Panarea from Naples or Milazzo  via boat or hydrofoil.

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